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Personal Training

Change your habits for better

A big change starts with a small step. Our expert coaches will create a special program following your goals and health and body needs. Start it now.


We offer free consultations to new members. A great way to get acquainted with the studio.

Get a studio tour

Meet some of RTB's trainers

Learn about options available

Go over goals and unique needs


Looking for a one on one experience or have specific needs then privates are your best option. There are many other benefits of privates such as the following:

One on one attention

Flexible scheduling

Personalized programming

Assist in setting realistic goals

A trainer will keep you accountable

They will challenge you and ensure proper form


Semi-privates are two people and one instructor. So grab your spouse, grab your friend and enjoy the benefits below.

Share the experience with someone but still enjoy a private feel

Flexible scheduling

Still enjoy a personalized program

Keep workouts fun and motivating

Semi-privates mean having an accountability partner

Two people to share the cost

Small Group

Small groups consist of 3-4 people and one instructor. Small groups are a blast and a fun way for friends to get a workout together.

Still enjoy individualized attention

Keeps workouts fun

Keeps everyone accountable

Cost shared among all group members

Private Group Booking

Not sure what to do for your next group outing? Book an event at our studio!

Great idea for team building

Have the studio all to yourself

Choose between an Amped up class or a Barre class

Can accommodate 10-15 people


Part of the health and wellness journey is proper nutrition. Let us help you with that.

We have a holistic nutritionist on staff

We provide customized meal plans

We have partnered with Cornerstone BBQ to provide frozen macro friendly meals

Someone to keep you accountable