Kim Mohr

Meditation Coach


Meet Kim Mohr!

  • Creative
  • Pug fanatic
  • Health and wellness enthusiast
  • Music lover
  • Knowledge seeker
  • Starbucks addict
  • Farm girl

You may not know: I enjoy quiet moments of solitude and introspection. Time for reflection and recuperation is very important to me and it’s where I derive my energy from. Whether that be at home, the mountains or a beach somewhere, it’s what revitalizes my spirit.

Where do you spend your weekends: At the gym, on the farm or hanging out with friends, family and the pug.

Something to know about me: I’m excited to be apart of a supportive community of wellness that encourages positivity and authenticity. I’m looking forward to creating a space through meditation that allows us to cultivate self-love, resilience and presence in our lives.