Meet Pam our Massage Therapist and Osteopath


Pamela Fisher is a Registered Manual Osteopathic Therapist and Massage Therapist, as well as many other modalities. She first realized her passion in relieving pain in the body eleven years ago in her first year of Massage Therapy. She loves working with each client to help figure out how to restore balance and flow back to their lives whether it is physical or emotional. We are very excited to have her on the RTB team as another way to provide well rounded health and wellness to our clients. 

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Some Common FAQ's

How does Pam differ from other massage therapists?

Pamela’s unique skill of understanding where the bodies imbalances come from, helps her understand how to physically restore balance back to the body.  She is trained to see the physical as well as the emotional blocks that hold our bodies in restrictive patterns.  She works with each individual client to help them regain movement and ease and assists the body to regain its own ability to self-heal and self-regulate.

What services does she provide? What are the differences between massage/osteopathy?

Pamela mainly uses her Manual Osteopathic principles which includes Cranial Sacral, Visceral, Osteoarticular and Fascial work which are mostly done with no lotions.  They are very gentle and light pressured techniques.  This allows the body to unwind which can remove the restrictions and allow the body to regain it’s function.  Massage can be labeled relaxation or more deep tissue, which is used with lotions to get into the muscles or provide a relaxing experience allowing the body to gain circulation and de-stress.  She is also a Reiki master, Access bars practitioner and a certified Louise L Hay Coach and workshop leader.

How can these services help me?

Anyone that receives manual treatments that do not hold for a longer period of time, usually have a great outcome with fascia work.  Working with fascia and visceral remove a lot of restrictions and truamas that are held in the body and allow the body to work better structurally and functionally.  Anyone with pain, tension, tightness, stress, anxiety, restrictions, depression, these can all be a part of the body showing an imbalance and may benefit from fascial work.

What can I expect during my treatment?

Pam‘s first priority is removing pain and regaining movement in the body.  This can look very different, treatment to treatment.  Some people have walked away from pain they have been holding for 16 years plus, other’s gain an understanding of themselves and their bodies that they can continue to work on, for a long lasting change in their lives.  Most people feel lighter, more energized and a lot more movement throughout their body.  Working with fascial restrictions whether it is a physical barrier or an emotional barrier allows the body to regain flexibility and strength, remove pain and restrictions and allows for a more free and enjoyable life.