Amped Up is Raise the Bar’s signature class! Amped Up falls into our Strength and Conditioning

This class has a little bit of everything to get you sweating and heart beating. A third of the clas

This new class is a blend between Amped Up and Building Blocks. It is completely strength based and

This Strength Based class focus’ on more technical lifts using the Barbell such as the Snatch, Cle

This class will have you addicted in no time! The reformer is beneficial to a wide range of people f

Looking to add something new to your Pilates routine? Pilates mix is an athletic pilates class incor

This will a blended class using both the reformer and chair. This class is ideal for those with some

Our warm mat pilates class is enjoyed in a 30 degree Celsius room. Mat Pilates is a training practic

Our Total barre class is enjoyed in our warm room at 30 degrees celsius.Incorporating the Total Barr

Join our Warm Yoga class for a relaxing Tuesday evening. This yoga class will be a 30 degrees Celsiu