Reformer Class

Mindful Movement


This class will have you addicted in no time! The reformer is beneficial to a wide range of people from those rehabbing injuries to those just wanting to improve overall muscular balance.It is ideal for all ages and all fitness levels. The use of springs allows the reformer to challenge our muscles in a unique way.
Regular reformer pilates classes lead to greater strength, flexibility and balance, which in turn improve posture, movement and mental health. Some other benefits include:
  • It is a full body workout.
  • It builds strength and tones muscles.
  • It is high intensity but low impact.
  • It creates a stronger core and better posture.


We recommend committing to at least 5 Reformer Pilates Classes to give the body time to adjust to the new movements.


No Pilates experience is necessary.


Intensity: Low to Moderate


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