Joanna Kissick

Owner/Pilates Instructor

born on: February 06, 1986
education: Stott Pilates Certified

Meet Joanna!

  • Co-Owner of Raise the Bar SP
  • Pilates Enthusiast
  • Self Proclaimed Geek
  • Dog Lover
  • Passionate
  • Always Smiling

Mantra: Be the person your dog thinks you are!


Where do you spend your weekends: Working out with my Saturday tribe! But after that in the summer I’m in my garden and in the winter huddled under my heated blanket with my pups.


Something to know about me: I am a huge advocate for down time. Don’t get me wrong I get busy like everyone else but scheduling downtime for myself is how I recharge. I think we glorify being busy and don’t take enough time for ourselves! I love nothing more than curling up with a book and a blanket for some serious alone time!